Criminal Law

The firm has years of experience handling criminal cases on behalf of defendants. We handle all criminal matters in the District Courts, including OUIs, assaults, and a wide variety of misdemeanor cases.

With the addition of Attorney Robert A. George, as Of Counsel to the office, our firm now offers a criminal defense to clients that can be matched by very few preeminent firms. Bob’s 42-year career includes high-profile and complex cases such as those of Christopher McCowen, Edward O’Brien, and Francis Salemme. His handling of the so-called Tiffany Moore, New Bedford Highway Murders, and Carol DeMaiti Stuart cases are just a few of the historic criminal matters he has handled. Over the years, Attorney George’s dogged advocacy in both the state and federal courts has been praised by pundits, law enforcement, judges, and commentators. The Boston Globe editorial board has described him as “a larger-than-life defense attorney,” and Bob has also been noted as “brilliant”, “tenacious” and the “best of the best”.

Teamed with Bruce Bierhans and firm associate TJ Hurrie, a former Barnstable County Assistant District Attorney, our firm now offers unsurpassed experience in criminal defense in all Massachusetts courts, state and federal.