Dental Malpractice

In recent years, our firm has been very successful representing plaintiffs in dental malpractice cases.

In these cases, we must prove, as regards any procedure, that there was an accepted standard of care; that the dentist deviated from the standard of care, and that the deviation resulted in damage to the patient. This is done by having an expert witness in the area of specialty provide an expert opinion regarding these issues.

Unfortunately, we have found in the cases we have handled that some general dentists engage in procedures that should be performed by specialists. These cases often involve extractions, root canals and dental implants. In fact, most of our recent cases have involved failed dental implants. As you might imagine, the suffering experienced by the patient can be extreme and the costs to correct these problems can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

We team with dental specialists to prosecute these cases and there is no fee unless we are successful.