How do you select a Lawyer?


Truth be told, although I've been a lawyer for 40 years, I have always been troubled by lawyer advertising. Faces on TV or voices on radio that offer up guarantees but tell you little about their experience. How often have you heard, "I will fight to get you everything you deserve". In fact, many [...]

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A Case of Bad Blood – Lawyers Weekly


Attorney Bruce A. Bierhans looked across his desk at Bill Modestino and his wife, Brenda. Their son's short life had been filled with illness - first, severe hemophilia, and then the devastating AIDS virus that killed him in 1993. But Bierhans had to be honest."You're never going to get an expert witness to testify [...]

A Case of Bad Blood – Lawyers Weekly2024-02-19T19:05:39-05:00
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