Business Law

Small and Medium Sized Businesses, Non-Profit Corporations, Contracts and Incorporations

Small Business Representation: Attorney Bierhans takes great pride in the work he has done as a trusted advisor to his many business clients. For over 40 years, he has represented many small businesses and non-profit corporations and has led them from formation through various stages of growth and success.

Because of his years of experience as a trial lawyer, he is able to view matters from the outset with an eye toward avoiding litigation. For example, this might mean keeping contracts simple, straightforward, and unambiguous. However, if and when litigation is unavoidable, he is able to represent his clients in that arena rather than having to refer them to other counsel. This has enabled him to maintain productive, long-term relationships with his clients.

From the early stages of a company’s development, we work with our small business clients to ensure that the correct decisions are made. Over the years, we have been “founding counsel” to many companies. This means, at the Law Offices of Bruce Bierhans, we strive to develop long-term relationships of mutual respect and trust with our business clients.

We can advise you on the correct entity for your business, i.e an “S” corporation, “C” corporation, LLC, or other appropriate entity. We take the time to explore the legal and tax implications of each as we recognize no two businesses are exactly alike. We will then prepare the necessary articles, bylaws, operating agreements, and all other instruments required to comply with state, federal, and local statutes and ordinances.

For established companies, we provide the personalized services necessary for your ongoing success. We have significant experience in the areas of contract law, employment law, municipal law, and business litigation.

We also act as trusted General Counsel to many businesses and non-profit organizations.

We have represented businesses in the following areas: restaurants, collegiate athletics, real estate brokers, wholesale and retail, health care, manufacturing, communications, banking, homebuilders, trades (including plumbers, electricians, etc), insurance, auto dealers and auto repair, warranty sales, adult entertainment and nightclubs, consultants, financial advisers, CPAs, live theater and film, writing and publishing, and mortgage lending.