Truth be told, although I’ve been a lawyer for 40 years, I have always been troubled by lawyer advertising. Faces on TV or voices on radio that offer up guarantees but tell you little about their experience. How often have you heard, “I will fight to get you everything you deserve”. In fact, many of theses talking heads are merely marketers that refer callers to “real” lawyers that practice in a particular area; usually personal injury.

I’ve run a radio ad here and there, and try to maintain a presence on social media. But the reality is that, throughout the years, the best and most challenging cases, and the clients I have enjoyed the most, particularly business clients, have all come from word of mouth, or referrals from other lawyers with whom I have worked.

But, it’s important for everyone in business, lawyers included, to be aware of what consumers look for in making their choices. So; do you pay attention to TV or radio ads? Do you believe those ads? Do you call a friend, neighbor or business associate to get a recommendation? Do you do a Google search? Do you look for pages on social media like this one? Do you call your local lawyer that may have done your house closing, but doesn’t do litigation? What is important to you?

I’d be interested in your responses. Also, how do you feel about lawyer advertising generally?
All comments welcomed.

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